VengSystem Digital Alarm

For VengSystem, animal and staff safety are key priorities. We have therefore developed a unique universal alarm system that is simple, reliable and future-proof.

Just one Veng Alarm System covers the following:

  • Emergency opening of up to 20 sections/livestocks
  • 20 ventilation failure alarms
  • 39 “free” alarms. These can be set up to monitor CO2, pressure, water, feed, lighting, activity, etc.
  • Advanced temperature monitoring with temperature compensation and outdoor temperature
  • Independent of climate system

All our alarm systems use emergency batteries. The Veng Alarm System consistently monitors all its batteries. In the event of battery exhaustion, the system triggers a battery replacement request.

While our alarm system can be adapted to match individual customer wishes and requirements, the standard settings are silent message, siren, flashing light and loudspeakers. Moreover, the system can make a phone call or send a text message to multiple numbers.

The system offers online upgrades. If necessary, we can add extra functions online.

The PC Log function (records and monitors computer data) identifies the precise cause of an alarm so that you can take steps to prevent similar errors in the future.

The PC Log and PC Sow functions consistently monitor the temperature under heat lamps in nests in the farrowing quarters and climate-controlled sections of the barn, and trigger an alarm via the PC if the temperature in the nests is too high or too low or if power consumption exceeds the normal level.

Biosecurity with alarm system

VengSystem offers a unique solution – a system that monitors the power consumption of the UVC lamps in your infection control system. Failure of a single lamp triggers the alarm so that staff can immediately replace it. The power consumption alarm can also be used to monitor motor/fan, feeding system, etc.

The alarm system measures pressure across HEPA filters. When pressure increases, it is time to replace the filters.

The system uses Bus cable technology, which is better protected from lightning strikes than an analogue system because Bus-cables have protective sheaths.

Product benefits

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