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PRRS, MYC, AP free livestock

VengSystem’s low-pressure filtration solution comprises a series of filter modules fitted before the wall/ceiling diffusers. The solution is ideal for use in barns that do not have a diffusion ceiling. At VengSystem, we have a wealth of experience within our field. VengSystem Filtration Solutions are developed in cooperation with one of the world’s leading filtration experts.

VengSystem supplies pre-assembled filter cassettes to order. The filter cassettes are then fitted as a plug-and-play solution.


VengSystem HEPA Filter Solution

VengSystem’s HEPA Filter Solution is available for use in pathogen-free herds. This filtration system filters out 99.995% of all viral particles of 10nm and larger. The central ventilation unit contains three types of filter, a fan, fan control unit, and heating, cooling and monitoring functions. To prolong lifetime and simplify service work, we normally fit ventilation units to the barn ceiling.

The unit can be extended to include a geothermal heating/cooling system. The heavy-duty fan is ideal for the purpose. Air passes through pipes laid in the ground before entering the barn. The air remains at a relatively constant temperature all year round as the geothermal pipes are buried at a depth of 2 metres. The atmosphere in the barn is maintained at a higher pressure to prevent polluted air from seeping in from the outside.

For additional security, a pressure monitoring system with an alarm is available as an optional extra. The system includes motorised air intakes in the barns.

Air is filtered at the air intake, preventing viruses from entering the barn environment.

It is important that the farmer knows which viruses he wishes to avoid as this determines which filter type he needs.

Examples of viral dimensions for which e.g. a standard 300-nanometre filter is ineffective:

  • African Swine Fever, 175-215 nm
  • PRRS virus, 40-80 nm
  • PED virus, 18-23 nm
  • Swine Influenza Virus (N1H1), 10-150 nm

All of the above are airborne viruses that can invade a livestock environment. Infected animals easily pass infection onto other animals on the premises. A HEPA Filter Solution is required to prevent the viruses named above.

Many serious pig diseases are spread via semen. It is therefore important to eliminate the risk of infection at boar stations.
Benefits of VengSystem’s pathogen-free ventilation system:

  • Low operating costs
  • 100 % efficiency in any climate type
  • Easy assembly
  • Long lifetime
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