Intelligent canopy

The intelligent canopy makes the difference as the weaners need most heating

Weaners must not be allowed to freeze. An animal freezes at the potential cost of several days’ growth, and a greater risk of diarrhoea and mortality.

An intelligent canopy creates and maintains a better microclimate in the weaner unit.

The canopy is precisely positioned by means of a motor. An infrared sensor monitors the pigs’ body temperature and adjusts the cover to maintain optimal pig body temperature at all times. The opening in the canopy can be adjusted to as little as 40 cm, which reduces heating consumption in the unit by up to 90 %. The intelligent cover renders other heat sources superfluous.
VengSystem's intelligent control system adjusts cover position automatically.

The technology reduces the opening in the cover to as little as 40 cm. The intelligent canopy renders other heat sources superfluous and reduces heating costs by up to 90 %.

Another possible method is to fit heat lamps to the cover and control the temperature in each pen. This allows for sorting the pigs and keeps the smallest piglets in a warmer environment to ensure that they thrive.

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