VengSystem Alarm System

VengSystem offers a fully automatic climate and environmental control concept for livestock barns. The system is digital and all its component parts are intelligent – even the temperature sensors.

Each alarm system can monitor up to 20 livestock sections and compensate for the outdoor temperature. If you need to monitor more than 20 sections, you can connect further alarm systems to the same system.

Via a simple PC connection, the alarm system provides a complete data overview, i.e. current temperature, UCT and (if necessary) LCT settings for each barn section.

You can set alarm values fast and easily from your PC. Meanwhile, an integral safety feature prevents errors and unauthorised access.

You can also set our VE95 Alarm System to warn of excessive CO2 levels in your livestocks.

Using a CO2 sensor, VengSystem MultiSensor VE18C monitors ambient CO2 at 10 locations within the space of 10 minutes. High levels of CO2 are a sure sign that barn ventilation is inadequate.

Triggers the alarm when livestock is at risk

While our VE95 Alarm System is fully integrated with our climate control system, the alarm system operates independently. EU regulations stipulate that barns with mechanical ventilation systems must have separate alarm systems.

Safety is escalated at three levels:

  • Level 1: Trigger alarm
  • Level 2: Open inlets and outlets
  • Level 3: Start emergency ventilation

The most frequent cause of ventilation failure is neither a power cut nor a technical failure. It is rather human error when operating the climate system. Therefore, the VengSystem Alarm System is engineered to counter operator errors. For example, the system makes it impossible to register a section containing livestock as “empty”.

In response to an error, the system triggers a local alarm (e.g. a siren) within a pre-set time. Then the system activates a call to a landline or mobile device (GSM module). The mobile device can also send text messages.

VengSystem Alarm Systems comply with EN 1627-1630 Burglar Resistance Standard.

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