New heating lamp from VengSystem

Tuesday, Tuesday, May 24, 2022

New heating lamp from VengSystem

Four new models to be delivered in the autumn, with a new sustainable bulb. We have improved the durability, the known bulb has gone. Installation cost is 50% lower dependent on model. Improved operation, using ground-breaking technology.
We have developed a fully stainless heating rod, which together with the reflector gives perfect heating radiation for newborn piglets. Installation cost up to 65% lower. Visual heating activity and much more.

The standard heating lamp. Direct replacement of the black heating lamp. It fits the same screws. Easy to fit, washable and long lifetime of heating elements. Can be upgraded to the models below.

The stage model is new to VengSystem. It provides full, half or no heat. The switch is a magnet, so no electrical installation and all is embedded. Plug it in and you are ready to save electricity. Pilot lamp so piglets are visible even when lamp is off.

The new generation of the intelligent heating lamp with built-in infrared sensor and controller. Reset at farrowing and on/off with magnet. Settings visible at Android smart phone. Change of settings also with smart phone. Installation is simple: Plug it in and you are ready. Fully embedded, pilot lamp to watch piglets when heat is low or off. Energy savings up to 50%.

This model is like the INFRA model, but radio communication with PC is added. With this model you have full view of the conditions in all creep areas. An electrical savings of 50% or more. This top model has everything you need to keep piglets in creep area and keep them happy.

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