Passion, People and Perfection

Monday, Monday, January 17, 2022

VengSystem Corporate Values

Our corporate values abbreviate to “The three Ps”: Passion, People and Perfection.


We are passionately devoted to meeting farmers’ needs and we are committed to optimising barn climate, animal welfare and the farmer’s yields. Our products have been developed over decades in close cooperation with leading farmers in Denmark and abroad. We are dedicated to becoming the world’s leading experts in our field. To achieve success in this endeavour, we combine practical insight with unique knowledge.


We develop and hold onto our employees on the strength of sincere devotion to our work and a corporate culture embodied by the “Veng spirit”. We maintain an inspirational work climate in which we consider diversity a strength. The “Veng spirit” is expressed as pride, ownership and versatility. We are proud to belong to a unique community at a unique company. We are a trustworthy partner who finds inspiration in our customers’ diversity.


We are sticklers for detail. We strive persistently to remain ahead of the field. Via innovation, we seek to help make agriculture both profitable and sustainable. We are prepared for change. We are always service-minded and respect the farmer’s needs. We provide sound and professional advice with focus on our customers’ specific needs.

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