VENG heating lamps

Our heat lamp is intelligent – it constantly monitors and reacts to changes in the nest

Our heating system reacts constantly to changing conditions in the barn. For example, the system records whether the pigs are active or resting.

The system monitors the animals 24/7 using infrared measurement technology. The system optimises animal welfare and minimises energy consumption.



At VengSystem, we regard pig production barns as having two distinct climates: A macroclimate inhabited by sows and farm hands, and a microclimate inhabited by piglets. Each climate has specific requirements. Piglets need warmth whereas sows thrive best at temperatures below 18 °C. Controlling macroclimate and microclimate separately is the best way to achieve optimum production.

Our intelligent heat lamp is available in four variants:

  • VENG CLASSIC - standard heating lamp
  • VENG STAGE - Three-step heating lamp – on/off/50 %
  • VENG GREEN - Heat lamp with integral infrared control
  • VENG GREEN D - Heat lamp with integral infrared control and optional PC management and remote control

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